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Hello, I am an independent Wellness Advocate on a mission to create more abundance, balance and joy by harnessing doTERRA’s powerful essential oils and business opportunity.   Among the many other hats, I am a wife, mother, step-mother, Co-Director in my husband’s international Risk Management business, environmental campaigner, motivator, confidant and loyal friend.

February 2018 I started using essential oils for myself primarily, upon our return to Sydney. Surprisingly the bleak fog of depression lifted, and for the first time in 10 years I genuinely felt happier and willing to get out of bed. Slowly began a journey of self-acceptance, discovery, healing and self-love with lots of diffusing, eliminating toxins, encouragement and support from like-minded soulful mums and entrepreneurs.

As I experienced and learnt more about the therapeutic powers of essential oils, I became more intrigued and inspired to proactively share, especially with anyone open to NATURAL products and remedies. The business opportunity is compelling, whereby anyone can learn how to grow a home-based business with no limitations. I love the freedom and flexibility.

There is a plethora of reasons to incorporate essential oils in your life, it just depends if you are willing to try. With my corporate and training experience I present the business opportunity and the emotional, physical and environmental benefits of pure plant extracts in several ways ~ workshops, round-table groups of 2-15 people, 1-on-1 and online. 

I believe modern living, with all the pleasures and stresses, is better with like-minded people, nature and financial freedom. Plant medicine and heavenly aromas create harmony for our well-being, homes and the environment. The depths of disconnect and despair awakened my senses to strive for a better life. Being positive, grateful and motivated is my vibe. We are born with pure love, yet the fears, limitations and chemicals get us off our path. When we are aligned with our self, the natural universe and our passion/s we feel alive and can achieve anything ~ I help facilitate this process at every level. 

Please join me on this amazing journey of LIFE, the natural way.
With blessings and love  Katie

Bird of Paradise

Growing up in the idyllic Papua New Guinea Highlands full of rain forests, exotic sounds and smells is where my appreciation of earth's awesome beauty and magnificence stems.  The abundant lush land, seascapes, people, simple living, ancient customs, diverse celebrations, culture, energy and colour has had a profound effect on me. I embrace freedom of expression, creativity, diversity, new adventures and being an individual with a strong yearning to ‘belong’ to a tribe or community.

My interpretation PNG pidgin English ‘me bilong you’ means ‘we are connected’. British novelist Stephen Kelman writes ‘…people wave to each other, because it makes them belong’. A simple friendly gesture is universal and has significance, as does a smile.

Today we live in regional Australia near my dearest mother Jean. I have lost my way at times, yet I feel blessed. I'm reconnecting with life’s simple pleasures; plant medicine and how important nature is for our future.

Heart and soul

Life’s been a wonderful roller-coaster ride, with many memories and privileges. In my late 30’s I'd nearly given up on true love when Olly popped into my life. Following my heart, to UK and back again 12 years later, was the biggest highlight and adventure imaginable. The challenging times got the better of me as insecurity, anxiety, panic attacks and depression changed me and my perspective. I often masked how I was feeling to fit in and meet expectations. I lost myself. My faith saved me. I had to dig deep and now love my life, especially Olly and our 4 children.
I've made too many mistakes to mention… with love, openness and communication all can be restored. 

I dream of an annual family ski holiday. To walk the Kokoda Trail would be a ‘bucket list’ TICK.