Back to Basics: Caring for Our Kids

Hi, have you seen the latest Lion King film? It’s fabulous and was a lovely way to end our holidays! The characters, leaders and schemers, antics, soundtrack, innocence, playfulness and imagery are captivating – it’s such a wonderful story and I concur with Mufasa  “in nature there is a delicate balance''.

Getting organised for ‘back to school’ can be easy or overwhelming depending on how prepared you are. I like the idea of being well organised, but the reality really depends on what’s happening around me, it’s usually hectic. My husband is always calm and keeps us on track with all the practical elements – polished shoes, uniforms laid out, bags ready etc. I tend to let my motherly instincts flow, tuning in to their emotional needs, asking questions about how they feel and encouraging lots of water & healthy nourishing food. I’m really enjoying seeing how they develop, take on responsibilities and become more independent.

As mothers, we want the best for our children. 

I don’t hover, but I do want to give them the very best. Of course, we all have a different version of ‘best’, and for me it is about awareness, tuning in to their emotions and sustainable products/living as much as possible. We all want our children to develop and shine in their own unique way. It’s so evident, especially on social media. It’s wonderful taking pride in their achievements. We support and encourage to enhance their growth and development in a multitude of ways. And I just love how natural essential oils boosts their confidence, energy and focus. Whilst other oils heal wounds (physical & emotional) and restore some calm at bedtime. 

The school environment is where bugs, germs and viruses are shared… air quality, circulation and different seasons can make the atmosphere worse. It was music to my ears when a new client told me the school where she teaches, diffuses Wild OrangeRosemary and other essential oils in their classrooms. It’s so fantastic to think some educators want the best for their pupils, just like we want the best for our children.

Growth spurts, body perspiration and odour, hormonal changes, mood swings, spots (zits)… we all experience them and thank goodness for natural products. Unless you know the ingredients and rules for what must be shown on the label, it’s safe to say everyday products have hidden chemicals and may exacerbate the problem. My advice is to stay away from conventional products as they have hidden nasties/toxins! 

When I was starting out with the oils, I did a lot of research and now I can categorically assure you that mainstream skin care, beauty products, everyday personal hygiene products (like deodorant, toothpaste) and even perfume and sunscreen are harmful. Used long term they will affect you and your children. I get it, often we are none the wiser but not anymore.

Eliminating mainstream products is easy, 
here are a few of our favs and why.

Like a mini multi-vitamin, On Guard Beadlets (tiny balls) each morning, that dissolves in the mouth to freshen the breath and support the immune system. If the kids forget before we leave home, my handbag supply is our back-up. We use the Peppermint Beadlets to;  they are very handy for alertness & when you want constant energy for sport!

Our daughter Amelia’s has dreamy, golden, fine long hair... she is the envy of many! She observes my beauty rituals & likes spraying products in her hair. She really likes Knot-less from KT’s Collection. I remember too well the tears when I was younger and am very thankful to have ‘Knot-less to hand. The shampoo and conditioner are family-friendly lasting a long time, so long as they are shown the amount needed – it's all about ‘less is more’. 

Our son Archie loves sport, keeping a few things handy. The tropical lip balm, Lavender Touch and Terra Armour Spray are his favourites. The Lavender is very useful for any tears, bites or scrapes and is our First Aid kit. Terra Armour Spray keeps insects at bay. ‘Stink-less’ spray with On Guard, Tea Tree & Lemongrass is antibacterial and anti-fungal for smelly shoes, sports bag etc. All our washing is done with the On Guard laundry liquid, any super dirty smelly festering sweaty sports gear gets any extra soak. I also really like knowing that the products going down our drains are kind to the environment.

To help with concentration we apply InTune on inner wrists and back of neck each morning. I’m very particular about this for our son as his learning is slower (dyslexia). InTune supports one's ability to focus, overall development and behaviour. If staying on task or mental fatigue is an issue, especially later in the day, try InTune for focus and clear thinking. 

The blue light from TV and devices is over-stimulating their 
minds, ours too, and the evidence suggests it would be wise 
not to use in the evening.

Applying certain oils to specific areas like the feet and back of the neck will aid calming the nervous system and make bedtime a pleasure versus lots of silliness or a battle. 

I created ‘Sweet Dreams’ with grounding Cedarwood and Vetiver, and Roman Chamomile for its calming properties + our beautiful jojoba Australian oil - it works a treat. Feedback from a Sydney friend last week: “Yes! I’m definitely enjoying massaging it into my feet at night and sending myself off into a deeper sleep.”

It is so pleasing when the children thank me for these natural remedies… they’re becoming very aware of our natural world and the difference in natural v chemical products. Even confidently selecting the right ones for their daily usage, an upset tummy or insect bite. 

If you’d like to try any of these products I can help in several ways. I’ll give you the best personalised service I can, making suitable recommendations knowing these products are effective. You’re already spending considerable money at the chemist & supermarket, this is switching your basic home care and personal care products to natural ones which will support you and your loved ones.

We started with the Home Essentials Kit, which I usually recommend as a starting point. 

The Circle of Life… what a wonderful thing… a-coon-a-ma-ta-ta.

Love, Katie x

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