Back to Basics: How to Boost Your Immunity Fast

When I think about keeping well, especially over the winter months, it depends on how we look after ourselves on a regular basis. We want to be ‘well’ before the onslaught of colds, coughs, flu, allergies, viruses and all the bugs associated with the colder months. 

Generally, a pro-active preventative approach saves lots of time, worry and money. 

If we eat a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, look after ourselves and not neglect any niggles we should be okay. There are plenty of experts guiding us on diet, exercise, gut health, mind body connection, all the dos and don’ts etc. But let’s face it, life just gets busy and there are several reasons why we get unwell, some hidden and not obvious. 

Let’s look at our environment and why air and water quality play a big part.

What is the air quality like at home, at work, at school, where we shop or eat out? 

Humidity, temperature, CO2, dust (mostly dead skin cells), dust mites, damp, ventilation and air flow all contribute to indoor air quality.  Air temperature if too high allows chemicals to leak – think about what’s under the kitchen sink or in the laundry. Gas cookers and unflued gas heaters are a big concern. Chemical-based cleaning products may disinfect or solve a problem, but they are also incredibly toxic and damaging to our hormones. When our hormones are out of whack our health is compromised. 

Breathing poor or polluted air affects lungs and heart. You might notice a dry throat or cough. If you have asthma, croup, flu, pneumonia or other respiratory diseases winter can make it worse. Like the recent ‘lock-down’ of an aged care facility due to a flu outbreak with 3 deaths and staff and residents becoming seriously unwell. I wonder how they are managing the outbreak… more chemicals I suspect. If only they knew about Easy Air.

Sadly, the elderly are very vulnerable and the older we get the harder it is to fight infection and seasonal threats. Our children are vulnerable too.

When I hear someone talk about a skin condition, I also wonder about their water quality. We humans are 60% water and need lots of h2o to survive, but who is managing our water supply and what chemicals are being added… Is it safe to drink? How does chlorine really affect us? We drink it, bathe in it, wash our clothes in it, cook with it but do we really know what’s in it and how it affects us? Our hair, scalp and skin are directly affected by the water and products we routinely use on our body.  

When you’re unwell, poorly or need help do you automatically rush to the chemist or hastily make a doctor’s appointment to get a prescription… or do some research and consider natural options? In my experience some rely on the national health system for prescribed solutions, like mandatory flu injections, and explicitly rely on what the doctor or pharmacist has to say, whilst others only use natural remedies… And some a combination. I’m sceptical about mainstream healthcare and suspicious about the influence of pharmaceutical companies. I try to keep an open mind, assessing all options and advocating a natural solution as much as possible.  

I’m sure you get exasperated when told by the medical experts that nothing can be done to fight a viral infection or x y z is hard to treat… NOT true! Plant medicine in its various forms (fresh, herbs, essential oils, essences etc.) can help, and in some cases, you’ll see or feel the immediate effect. It's that simple.

To some degree airborne threats, viruses, bacteria and their comrades are somewhat out of our control. Big environmental issues like global warming, climate change, fossil fuels, green-house emissions, pollution, deforestation are on the ‘agenda’ and being tackled at many levels. We must take responsibility. The immediate things we can control are the quality of air, water and food we consume and the products we use on our body and in our home. 

For the best natural protection, we use OnGuard every day in several ways - diffusing, on skin and adding to our filtered water. The blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary has an uplifting aroma, with powerful antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-parasitic and antiviral properties, and that’s only a few of the healing properties! 

OnGuard is also in our toothpaste, hand soap, vitamins, lozenges, cleaning concentrate and laundry liquid. To give our immunity the ultimate boost we blend OnGuard with liquid Coconut oil, Lemon, Oregano, Tea Tree and a few other essential oils to make our much loved ‘Immunity Bomb’.

Easy Air is a great way to purify the air and support respiratory issues.

Cleaning with natural non-toxic products is a simple way to start, just think of it as a chemical DETOX, download my free eBook Cleaning with Essential Oils… I’ll roll my sleeves up to help you.

If you have any concerns or a condition and would like some ideas or natural solutions, let's explore some options schedule a call

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Love, Katie

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