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I’ve been reflecting on how wonderful nature is, and how we feel when we’ve spent time outside, even just letting our feet be free occasionally. A walk or whole day outdoors is so invigorating, I’m sure you love it as much as we do, but how often? Imagine it now… big open spaces, fresh air expanding every cell… the sweet song of birds, a sparkling waterfall or crackling twigs & leaves… a long walk in the bush or soft sand between your toes, whilst the heat propels you to the enticing seashore & glistening waves… a refreshing ocean dip… the sight of cliffs, hills or mountain tops… an alpine experience. Exploring a forest with its mystical atmosphere, feeling grounded, looking skyward, dizzy and transported beyond the canopy of trees or stars. The glorious sunrise or a brilliantly red orange sunset. Just being still to be in the moment, to admire and smell a beautiful blossom, intoxicated by its perfume... or gaily lost in a field of wildflowers… the delight at the first sign of Spring… its endless.

Nature offers a kaleidoscope of beauty, sounds & smells, beckoning us to immerse ourselves and marvel a little longer. Every plant, tree or scene has its own special wonder. We thrive in nature. The natural elements uplift our spirit and soul, somehow all our worries and stresses float away. Our planet is so magical, possibly more than we realise. 

Oh hang, back to reality… I’m at my desk working!!! Tick tock… I’m keeping an eye on the clock, anxious if I’m late… dashing in the car, frantically rushing from A to B (within the speed limit of course!). Whatever we are doing invariably we are not in nature, and we’re not present let alone feeling joyful, calm or serene. Its reported that Australian’s spend more than 1/3 of a day in front of screens, and more for younger generations, which is adversely affecting physical and psychological well-being. The irony is we’re ‘liking’ natures beauty on the screen indoors!

How much time do you spend indoors? You might be as alarmed to learn “it is generally recognised that Australian’s spend 90% or more of their time indoors … Poor indoor air quality can result in significant adverse impacts on our health and environment” according to the Environment Department. We have a great climate, so I wonder what the stats are for other places... Living in the UK gave me a real appreciation for the seasons.
We lose flow and connection when we’re inside.

Fortunately, we have lots of ways to bring nature in. Indoor plants help oxygenate the air; visual images, photographs, artwork, furniture or mementos can remind us of special places; music can transform and transport us elsewhere. Our senses, especially the sense of smell can have a profound effect on mood, physical and spiritual well-being. It’s easy to bring nature closer, irrespective of where we are or what we’re doing.

I’ve realised bringing nature into our personal space is fun & highly beneficial with essential oils (either by diffusing, applying to skin or adding to flavour water & food) - it is my take on modernity connecting with mother earth & her healing powers. It’s not necessarily the only way, but better to have nature near us in every way possible. In fact, it is when you start using essential oils for pleasure and/or therapeutic purposes that you can truly appreciate the power of nature. 

Diffusing is becoming more popular every day @ work @ home & in the car. Using top quality essential oils brings the best of nature into our lives, restoring balance and harmony. The more I use essential oils the more I feel in sync with the universe. Probably because when the nose processes a smell it connects with 5 areas in the brain, effecting memory, emotions, our nervous system & hormones and blood pressure. Its therefore no surprise DIFFUSING is so effective! If you haven’t got a diffuser, please let me help you.

Lavender calms the mind and is incredibly healing for the skin. I love how Lavender soothes and helps me find peace amongst the chaos. A universal go to for relaxation and sleep.

Amongst my favourite are citrus oils… mandarin conjures up playful childhood memories climbing trees picking fruit… the essential oil comes from the rind, fresh and bursting with flavour. Citrus Bliss is a powerful invigorating blend with 7 fruits and vanilla extract. Citrus Bliss uplifts the spirit and really brings the sunshine in. 
We’re using Lime, Lemon or Green Mandarin in our latest foodie creation Zesty Parfait… the children willingly make it, devouring it for breakfast or pudding! Happy to share the recipe, just let me know.

If you need an Aussie fix or any respiratory support Eucalyptus. Gum trees are synonymous with Australia, used for centuries by Aborigines for medicinal and cleaning purposes - keeping pesky annoying flies, bugs, mosquitoes at bay. Traditionally they’ve burnt the leaves which dispels the eucalyptus oil and protects. Eucalyptus the Oil of Wellness eases pain, fights infection and is anti-inflammatory. Diffuse to enjoy the fresh aroma, whilst clearing nasty airborne viruses & bacteria. Not for consumption - Koala’s being the exception!

Every essential oil offers a unique scent and benefits. Depending on your needs, mood or season, we can blend. If you want to feel more centred and grounded, try Vetiver in your water or diffuse the aptly named Balance blend for a warm woody aroma. Diffusing a few drops of Cypress, Bergamot and Peppermint transports me to snow fields and magical places, as does Siberian Fir.

On a very practical level, we use natural insect repellent blend Terra Armour for protection, easing my mind the kids won’t get a horrible bite. Not only does it ward off insects it keeps negative energy at bay too. If creating a protective ‘bubble’ is your thing, Terra Armour takes it to another level!  For any un-welcomed bites (ants & mosquitoes can be nasty little critters!) or scratches you’ve got to have Lavender Touch on hand. It soothes, calming the tears, pain and swollen area. 

The great physicist Albert Einstein said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” 

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