Connections That Last

The whole world is tuning in to a new ‘virtual’ reality. 
This crisis is twofold: health and economics. Our leaders are still getting their heads around this COVID-19 pandemic, trying to avoid economic collapse whilst having to ‘lock down’ to stop the spread of a virus. 
IT departments are scrambling to set-up remote users, home offices securely. Wi-Fi, VPN, networks to keep you linked in... Zoom, skype, chat apps like Microsoft Teams… dial-in… where’s the link… is the mute button on (or off) … don’t compromise cyber security… the list goes on and on.
If you’re already set-up at home it’s straightforward, you have less to contend with. Telco and IT savvy peeps know how to connect on many platforms. For some this is just more overload, the change is daunting and another steep learning curve… either way, the Coronavirus crisis will define a new way of operating. Soon these technological tools will be familiar, the norm.
How we stay connected will be the test.
Great friend Cate’s classic comment today “If only we could go Control-Alt-Delete on 2020”... gee we laughed!
People are innovative, pivoting their traditional business to solving problems in this crisis... I love seeing how creative people can be. New industries and businesses will flourish. 
Will we grow and flourish? 
Now is a great time to explore alternative income streams... do some research and see what resonates. Imagine having a solution for your health and a new way to earn some money, solving the 2 issues at the one time. 

We have a ‘business in a box’ that’s easy to unpack. Wellness. Simple. Natural.
It's simple. We live with the best natural products. Share what we love with our family and friends (without pestering). Offer a business opportunity for those who want more. You have the choice and can adapt it to your needs and priorities. 
Essentially, you have the same opportunity as me (and many others) to offer hope and natural solutions to your network / community (including yourself). Supporting our physical and mental health with a business opportunity to expand online really excites me, Katie May Taylor.
Connecting with entrepreneurial independent people has really opened my eyes to creating a more fulfilling life. I’m so grateful to the wonderful souls who generously offer friendship, guidance, honesty and wisdom enabling me to grow… thank you!  I’m still learning … adapting with the times (making mistakes but doing my best), leveraging online platforms and tapping in to as many resources as possible. 

Thank you for your expertise, inspiration and love.  
A truly inspirational leader is Emily Wright, one of doTERRA’s founding executives, who’s changing lives all over the world…  I absolutely love this clip Emily Wright Celebrating Women
Emily’s mantra is  
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” 
- Eleanor Roosevelt
Mentor and tech-guru Jasmine of Inspired Impact mentors me on many levels, strategy, making the tech easy & keeping me connected via my interactive website. I feel truly blessed to work with Jazzy and her amazing team. Jasmine believes in empowering her clients with a whole host of tools and is so right saying "having an online brand with great content is a critical piece to succeed". I don’t worry about tech overwhelm because Jazzy solves it for me... thank you!
Social media is bursting with coaches and fresh ideas. When I needed guidance with branding and social media marketing a great friend recommended Bernice @bernicefaithallan. Participating in Bernice’s retreat awakened my soul to be a heart-centred entrepreneur. It was a turning point, creating my brand Katie May Taylor I still tune into Bernice for her amazing tips and social media direction... thank you!
Let’s face it – times are tough – work has shrivelled up for many (including my husband) and if the kids aren’t driving us crazy something will rock our boat. And what are you to do all cooped up at home. I use plenty of essential oils to solve many a problem, diffuse a situation and have them purifying the air constantly! One problem we're solving is making a natural hand sanitiser for our community, and it's all thanks to Debbie of Plush (an incredible mother & business woman) who's been promoting & selling them faster than we can supply. 
If heavenly natural products that are sustainable, great for health, mental sanity and the environment sounds good, find out more here.
Just so you know, there’s a ridiculously low cost set-up to order online, delivered to your door.   I was always taught not to talk about money… whilst there’s a time and place you’ll want to know about the generous savings and compensation plan (bonuses, commission, discounts). All convenient options & connections that will out-last this virus!
Let’s have a discovery call to connect.
Love, Katie 💛

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