Coping with COVID-19 naturally

They say mental health, domestic violence and suicide will increase... it's so awful to think this is the case... a big part of me just does not want to think about it but sadly it's what happens when people are in 'lock down', isolation, mental turmoil and thrown into the unknown. We're definitely experiencing the most bizarre-est of times. 

We have to support each other no matter what.

I'm concerned but well and trying to be positive in my outlook. I was rather surprised when my ‘mental health’ counsellor stated the other day, “you’re a bit unusual being so positive about the current situation... everyone's so gloomy and negative”. I have my moments too. In my view this Pandemic will cause a shift... a much needed shift, and as with any change, it will raise lots of questions, uncertainty, different reactions and fear.
Of course we will all cope with it differently. I think it will draw us closer.
Enabling us to appreciate what is important and that we have the answers and resources within us.
Have you noticed how you are seeing new things that have always been there? Are you now stopping and talking to different people rather than rush about hardly even noticing them? Have you even changed your views in a short few days? Uncertainty will make some of us irrational, even causing bizarre behaviour or panic, but shopping (pre serious lock-down) there was an overwhelming sense of calm and consideration, albeit rather sombre.
Odd to think that with all these well-defined protocols of safe ‘social distancing’, ‘self-isolate’ or being ‘quarantined’ will bring us closer together. The theory of how opposites attract and balances out the other is playing out in all our lives right now.
The more connected the better - we will get through this together!

I’m feeling positive because it affirms my choice to support our well-being naturally and have a global online business with a huge range of products that are sourced ethically, of the highest quality and safe for everyone. I’ll be sharing how to boost your immunity and keep a positive mindset... by making natural cleaning products to get rid of horrible unwanted germs without any nasty toxic chemicals. I get so much joy solving problems and want to through some bright lights on natural remedies.
I truly believe the universe is communicating with us to get our attention, and it will keep doing so until we take care of it properly. Mother nature know best and deserves our respect. Perhaps we have been taking advantage of her for too long. Conspiracy talk bio-terrorism or big pharma control may or may not be true. I think the universal 'shut-down' is the break nature needs... we're out of balance and so is our natural environment. We humans are being forced to reconsider many aspects of how we live - at every level – individually and collectively. What impact do we make as individuals, families, towns, cities, countries and populations?
Regardless of opinion, greed, power plays, abuse or over-utilised resources 
we can make a difference in our own world.

Each of us are in control of our thoughts, mood and choices. Because we shifted our reliance on mainstream toiletries and medicines to 100% pure essential oils 2 years ago I'm happier and healthier. We're building alternate income streams and have relatively good habits (there's always room for improvement) and doTERRA's range continues to impress how they transform health, mood and the general atmosphere, especially around the home. 
Given we are in a state of emergency I'm confident the benefits will get us through this pandemic. 

Did you know essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory? Mixing plant medicine with other good habits like exercise, meditation, music, creative pursuits, nutrition and so on we enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Diffusing lifts our mood and adding a few drops to drinks or food we boost our vibe & immunity.

One of my favourite things are fresh cinnamon donuts... just the aroma is YUM! I now have spicy cinnamon each morning with my fruit and nuts. Cinnamon Bark essential oil is super versatile... particularly powerful anti-viral properties, fighting viruses and infectious diseases... Wow! A tropical evergreen tree the oil comes from the bark... just like it protects the tree it protects our immunity. Also used in cooking, oral hygiene, to ease aching muscles / joints and improve circulation. To boost vitality I popped Cinnamon Bark, Ylang Ylang and jojoba oil into a roller blend to create Mojo Magic.

If getting through this crisis is a challenge... know there is plenty of support available in so many ways. If you're feeling low or lousy you are not alone... so is the next person... we are all feeling this together. Our moods fluctuate under normal circumstances, and when we're worried, scared or threatened it is heightened. 'Flattening the curve' on our mood makes life more enjoyable... less triggered and less panicked... I can only attribute it to living a more natural lifestyle. 

I'd love to help you discover how to support your well-being and lifestyle authentically, naturally and wholeheartedly. There's plenty to chat about - we can do it 'virtually' thanks to all the technological tools at our fingertips. Just like downloading this free Aromatherapy eBook.

I’m offering support in any way I can... this includes a chat, a laugh or dropping off supplies to anyone local in the Tamworth (NSW) area, posting therapeutic roller blends and atomisers to protect you, keep you calm and boost your immunity. 
My top practical tips:
  • Hand hygiene - simple with hot water and soap, also try Handy Sanity a natural sanitiser with Witch Hazel (instead of toxic ‘rubbing alcohol’) with Aloe Vera gel and anti-viral essential oils
  • Boost your immunity - lemon water each morning, fruit & vegies, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and essential oils like Easy Air for respiratory and On Guard for healthy immune function and internal cleansing or try KT’s 10ml roller immunity bomb FLOOM
  • Stay hydrated – this Coronavirus does not like heat therefore warm drinks, hot tea, soups, warm water etc are much better than iced drinks
  • Enjoy some sunshine – the natural heat triggers the body’s production of Vitamin D and improves mood by releasing the hormone serotonin  
  • Stay calm - address your anxiety or concerns, phone a friend and talk about it - try KT’s Cool & Calm spray to alleviates worry, stress, anger and frustration   
  • Get creative - discover or try something new, have fun and be present to your health and environment
Make this time of 'isolation' a chance to pause... and reflect on what you really want for yourself and loved ones. Dream a little... and if a new direction is calling, listen...if an online business in the health and wellness sector or supporting your mood, energy and lifestyle sustainably matters to you... we are kindred spirits... & can make a difference together.

Happy to chat, please reach out as I’m here to support you in these uncertain times.

Love, Katie 💛

PS Jump on board if you're ready to start your own wholesale account with me.

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