Happy Easter

EASTER Greetings!
Are you ready for the Easter weekend?  What are you looking forward to? Is it precious TIME with family... a little getaway... a much-anticipated holiday... or staying at home?
For those of us with children it can be topsy turvy. It’s meant to be holiday time... a chance to relax & enjoy our child/ren but we just need a bit more time or a helping hand – is it your friend, neighbour, or willing Grandparent/s or the “holiday club” that comes to the rescue to keep them entertained & occupied while you work or finish getting organised for your Easter adventure. There is always so much to do…
Does Easter involve celebrating with chocolate... an Easter egg hunt... indulging in lots of treats... giving Easter eggs to others? It’s a dilemma, particularly when it comes to deciding how much chocolate (aka sugar) you are willing to give or allow your kid/s. On one hand you get so much joy watching the Easter Egg hunt with their gleeful faces. You want them to thoroughly enjoy themselves & the company of generous family & friends BUT on the other hand you are in conflict… is this good for them in the long run? how does it fit with your ‘healthy’ lifestyle? Will their behaviour be manageable?
In silence you watch & wish they weren’t consuming so many Easter Eggs or chocolate...  Or do you speak up & risk being labelled ‘controversial’ when you are just trying to parent the best way you can. Either way you’re thinking ahead (aka bedtime) and wondering how you’ll calm them down whilst they’re revelling in their exuberance & bouncing off the walls!!
The kids are over excited (or over tired) & won’t settle. Deep down you know the fun & increased sugar intake is responsible but what can you do? It’s too late! It’s crazy, taking its toll while you summon up all your energy to stay calm & turn it around – from the high-octane excitement to blissful peace & quiet!
You’ve tried lots of ways to calm the kids before, with mixed results. If only there was a simpler way! Wouldn’t it be great if somehow, they’d be calmer or just make bed-time routine smoother?
The GOOD news is we have choices! The GREAT news is there are natural & effective options to help! 
Yes... YOU can have the harmonious home environment & happy kids you’re wishing for by using Essential Oils in everyday home care & personal care products. If living more naturally appeals to you, and especially to help you maintain healthy happy balanced child/ren, please get in touch.  
Knowing how, when & where to SAFELY use Essential Oils is very important. It’s easy to learn.  
Please download FREE ebook ‘Essential Oils & Children’
We use essential oils in several ways throughout the day & night. Our ‘go to’ oils in the evening are lavender, lavender peace, cedar-wood & vetiver essential oils + coconut oil for a massage OR a few drops in the bath with a dash of milk (helps blend the oils & water).
I have more goodies & tips to offer and so does doTERRA.
Please PM me, TAG a Parent or feel free to order the Home Essential Kit to get started (20% less for new members in AU & NZ, April & May) using this link:
Wishing you a very Happy Easter!

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