Let the Adventure Begin

I’ve always loved travelling and have been fortunate to visit and live in a few special places. The memories are numerous, making me smile, especially when I think of the freedom and overflow of fun times with a diverse mix of new and familiar faces. 

Planning family holidays and travelling 
with kids is just as much fun. 

Hectic too. To keep my nerves in check I like to be well organised. I’m a planner and thorough. I like having everything to hand, to feel in control, and therefore safer, knowing I have all the resources we might need. 

As a mother we think of every detail, suitable clothes and shoes, hats, sunscreen, medications, toothbrush, the list is endless.  I’m a bit OTT I must admit. Thankfully my husband is very patient, and the kids now know the drill. Of course, you can get stuff when you get to your destination, I just prefer to be self-sufficient from the moment I leave home, allowing me to soak up the atmosphere along the way. 

The anticipation is building, with Amelia often asking “How many more sleeps?”. Missing school is a thrill… their curiosity and pure delight is joyful… Only 4 more sleeps and we’ll be heading to the northern hemisphere for a very special family event. 

We’re back to England for my step-sons wedding… and our first family holiday back to the UK since we left 2 years ago. We’re beyond excited at the thought of seeing our UK family and friends again around Rutland, Northants and Norfolk. So many thoughts and different elements to consider... my mind is racing just thinking about it all! 

Mentally I spend a lot of time visualising and planning, oscillating between this and that... thinking about what to take? What to wear? What the weather will be like? I want to cover all bases, versus throwing caution to the wind or packing too economically. 

The thought of ducking out to the shops for necessities on holidays somewhat annoys me. 

The older I get the less tolerant I am of lots of things. I now feel better prepared (for a change!) and more at ease with who I am. Knowing I’ve got the best natural products and my favourite oils with me to support myself and my family is restoring my confidence and peace of mind. 

We’re nearly there... and now it’s down to the packing (and repacking and culling) so we don’t tip the scales!
My handbag carries the natural equivalent of all the essentials… 

No trips to the Chemist needed. 

I’ve cleaned out and reorganised the contents of my gorgeous ‘love oils’ bag… lippy, pen and the ever-reliable, trusty: 
OnGuard sanitiser-spray and beadlets to protect our immunity against airborne threats, bugs or viruses
Past Tense to alleviate any headache or tension
Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Peace, to calm the nerves and promote sleep
Peppermint, and Motivate, to rev us up when we need to be awake when our body would rather be horizontal
✔ The compact Emotional Aromatherapy Touch collection which goes with me every day, handy for tearful heart-wrenching goodbyes

Our First Aid kit is minimal really, the compact ‘Home Essentials Touch’ collection will cover all our needs. Lavender - the nurturing Oil of Communication & Calm, alone supports balancing the mind and body in a plethora of ways. Lavender hydrates the skin, alleviates cramps and earaches, soothes rashes, insect bites or skin conditions and fights infection. Great for jumpy Restless Leg Syndrome too. It’s a universal favourite supporting the Cardiovascular System, Emotional Balance, Nervous System and Skin. 

Unless its ‘natural’ I tend not to use (or collect) hotel toiletries anymore. The vitamins, hair and skincare products are now firm favourites and safe for the whole fam. 

We’ll keep hydrated, adding Smart & Sassy to flavour water to regulate our metabolism and make sure we don’t overeat. Jet lag can play havoc with our bodies, indigestion, bowel problems and loss of appetite.

Jet lag is the lag time between our internal body clock and the place we need to adjust to. Managing the disruption to our normal sleep patterns and rapid changes in daylight and night-time hours disorientates the body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm). I’m curious to see how the jet lag unfolds, knowing our little people will disturb us regardless. The best possible support will be staying hydrated, minimising alcohol (er-umm we’ll try!!) and using certain essential oils to combat fatigue, concentration and insomnia. 

Having travelled with the kids several times I’ve become a big believer in adopting local time from the minute we touch-down. The more sunlight the better.

Travelling for some is daunting, taking them out of their comfort zone and putting them in unfamiliar places or situations, unsettling the nerves. For me, I love the sense of adventure, so long as I have everything with me. 

What is it like for you? What did you forget that you really needed once you got there? 

To encourage quiet time and sleep, my Sweet Dreams blend plus extra Vetiver will do the trick. On the flip side, we’ll use Lemon, Peppermint and Motivate to be alert and awake. 

Any tips while you’re on a different time zone?

I can’t wait to share my nourishing journey with the oils with curious friends up close and personal.

Soon we’ll be checking in, cruising through customs and security and easing into the flow of holiday mode. My racing mind, meticulous planning, last-minute loose ends and final flurry, with all the ‘stress’,  will ebb away. My nervous energy goes down a notch or ten by just arriving at the airport! I love the relief, and sense of accomplishment, especially when we’re all on board and ready for take-off. 

Sunnies! Passport! Airborne
Let the adventure begin.  

Love, Katie
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