No More Excuses

It’s a real awakening when you realise no matter what is happening… this is life!
Regardless of the latest news, reasons, and excuses about why this or that, this is the life… the life we are meant to be living with all its beauty and imperfections.  
Now the most significant global concern is the Coronavirus and its implications. We are in uncharted territory, especially for those of us who have not really understood or experienced what it was like during the wars or the Great Depression.  Some are saying a ‘big wake up call’.
A few weeks ago, on a much more personal level, I was confronted with life when Mum was unexpectedly taken to hospital by ambulance. At the time of the news (you know 'the dreaded phone call') late-ish Friday evening, I was exhausted from another demanding week at work; writing proposals in the evenings - one for our UK business and another for a mental health program seeking funding for women affected by the drought; and dealing with home life etc. but I grab my bag & dashed to emergency to be there for Mum - I was so upset my husband had to drive me, so the kids came too.
When the call came in, I was hyperventilating… I could hardly breathe let alone speak. As things evolved (gee you learn a lot in a short period of time about tests, bloods, heart conditions etc) realising Mum would be okay and was home (12 days later) I sensed it was a turning point for me – especially about what really matters.
It was the jolt I needed. Too often I wallow in my own drama about nothing that worthy, and was rather sharply reminded how fragile we are. My perspective changed and continues to change.
Without question being well and here for others, especially my family, is most important.
In fact, I’m usually fairly up-beat and optimistic but when you are up against it the negativity creeps in causing upset, frustration, fluctuations in my mood (dare I say 'angry outbursts'), complaining, blame etc. For me the challenges have come in many shapes and sizes… some tangible whilst others are stories I repeat to myself... the list is long like I've lost count how many boxes I've packed and unpacked with 5 house moves in 2 years; juggling finances; life with the other half, who travels for work; changing schools; the kids feeling awkward and out of place with no friends and missing who & what was familiar; assimilating to new surrounds; rallying around to establish a free monthly ‘mental health’ event to bring the stigma of mental health and suicide into perspective; dealing with the effects of the drought; the fire crisis – loss of homes & animals; extreme heat & smoke; then the floods. Just hearing and watching the devastation criss-cross our country and other parts of the world has an impact – the shock and sadness is overwhelming. And now… a global pandemic with extraordinary scenes and our reality changing as it evolves.
Some days just coping with life’s daily demands trying to be a decent person & parent (often tired and exhausted) amidst it all takes its toll.
There were/are times when it was all too much - and then somehow a good chat, some light-hearted humour, an inspirational post, a change of scene, exercise, a few tears (often lots of tears!) along with lots of soul searching plus some meditation and adjustments - I’m back on track - revived and energised to face the world again.
The week Mum was in hospital, I had an important deadline looming and it would’ve been very easy to say “Oh no I can’t do it at this time” but somehow, I kept going. Only because I realised in that moment, that my mission is bigger than me or my circumstances. I wholehearted agree with the exceptional Deb Maes,
“if we support, encourage and equip women with life skills they can in turn support their men, their families and their communities”. 
By strengthening ourselves naturally, tapping into our energy, leveraging mentors and learning the skills to handle stressful situations is better for each and every one of us - our community & environment benefits - we are all in a better place.
Somehow, I’d allowed the busyness of life to get in the way.. Even though projects excite me, something was niggling in the back of my mind. I still needed to do more - more work on myself to be committed and focused.
Now I'm stepping up – I can no longer hold back, be distracted or let my life be littered with excuses.
Posting about my latest ‘Handy Sanity’ on FB a lovely friend wrote “the world needs you now”. Yes now is the time for abundance. I appreciate all the comments and encouragement I get and am so glad I’ve got a super supportive network and online community who inspire and guide me. Thank you.
To live life to the fullest we must take care of our own health. It’s ongoing... I'm a constant 'work in progress'... making adjustments, sprinkled with self-care, self-belief, self-worth (cause there is also doubt & disappointment in myself), the need for timeout, simple things to enjoy, time to be grateful, time to journal, time to reflect, time to pray, time to be present and so on.
Deliberately working on being more aware and ‘present’ has made a big difference. I find Balance, Patchouli and Vetiver help me to feel grounded and connected.
To fully serve my family and others I must be:  well; aligned with my life’s purpose; conscious of energy - how we use it, harness it and so forth; attentive to thoughts, desires and how I spend my precious time. Magic surrounds us. You too can enjoy a beautiful Dandapani meditation here
It’s taken this global pandemic to re-ignite my passion for natural solutions, bringing my purpose back into crystal clear focus. Perhaps I’m more at ease with who I am. I know to trust my instincts. With the right mindset, people, platform and beautiful natural solutions we can change our world for the better - One drop, One person and One family at a time. You can play your part too. And I’d love to explore how we can support one another.

No matter how busy I am or what excuses I've told myself I'm showing up for you and sharing how essential oils can transform your life.  I'll be zooming my first Online Wellness session on Wednesday evening (Sydney time)... please join me and kick your excuses to the curb.  Check out the next 'event' as I'd love to connect.

“Life is simple, people complicate it”. I want to un-complicate my life and share some simple secrets that aren’t really secrets because I’m always openly sharing. Leaning into nature, keeping an open mind and heart and appreciating life’s simple pleasures has changed my whole perspective. Making a few tweaks here and there, has had a positive effect.
The most divine blend is Console to comfort in times of sadness, loss & grief. My thoughts and prayers are with the vulnerable, elderly, health-care angels and those who are isolated or suffering in any way.
Love, Katie 💛

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