Warriors vs. Worriers - Which One Are You?

If you are anything like me, you’re on the go from the minute you get up. If I’m well organised its smooth sailing, but I’m normally rushing around like a headless chook to get everyone and everything done before I can make it out the door in one piece. 

Motherhood is a constant juggling act... Wearing different hats on any given day at any given moment. When it gets too hectic I try to remind myself to slow down…  we need less chaos to savour life. I want to be more present. I know we perform better when we’re grounded and am trying to master a slower mode of Operandi.

Whilst hastily on the school run the other day, I found myself explaining myself to the children.  It became really clear to me (in that convo) that I am a worrier, and at many levels. It might look or feel different for you but for me, I worry about normal stuff and hadn’t realised just how much worrying affects me. The degree to which my worry plays out varies… an outburst here and there (I’m very expressive and emotional)… but ultimately it’s because I care and want to nurture in the best possible way.  

This realisation really got me thinking… like being new in town and feeling unsettled. If you’ve ever relocated towns, moved to a new home or needed to get your bearings quickly as well as make new friends you’ll understand what I mean by feeling “unsettled”. We’ve moved a lot and in the last 2 years, from the UK to Sydney then to regional NSW. We’re very happy to be where we are, however, I get nervous with anything unfamiliar and it is compounded when we move. Yet as a mother, I need to lead the way… 

Any unknowns add to the fear… 
Longing to get to know people and feel connected. 

To make any change seamless, I’m naturally concerned about the children and how they feel. I worry about how they get on at school, making new friends, adjusting to new environments and being content. On one level coping with change is character building and gives them a broader view of the world but it is in those intimate conversations (usually bedtime) or when I am trying to unravel their emotions and explain why life is so, that I worry about their experiences and our choices. I want to give meaning to their world but sometimes I must make sense of it first! 

Working in the network marketing industry comes with lots of opportunities as well as misunderstandings. In an effort not to be ‘too salesy’ or ‘pushy’ I hold back, perhaps even to the detriment of what is truly needed at the moment. I know there is a beautiful natural solution to many a problem, but insecurities can get the better of me… I worry that my genuine intentions to help are not received as intended. 

I want to feel secure and less stressed over money and making the right decisions for our businesses. Even finding new professional advice is daunting, and we don’t want costly mistake. Trust is hugely important and takes time to develop those relationships. If you’ve got any tips, please share.

Slowing down has helped me get perspective.

We all express, listen and learn in different ways… my ‘communication’ significantly improves when I use certain oils. Spearmint has been a delightful revelation, inspiring clarity of thought and confident verbal expression. I still pinch myself… by simply flavouring my water I feel supercharged.

Some days I find myself oscillating between the learning, theory and knowledge versus the doing and putting into practice. What to let go of… what to make a daily ritual so it sets me up for a rewarding day, which in turn becomes a habit and then our lifestyle. I’m throwing a lot more stillness and natural elements into the mix.

At the end of the day, we all wear many hats. I ponder a lot… and am learning to fine-tune my thoughts and expectations. With every worry or struggle, well what I perceive as a struggle, is a lesson for me, a chance for growth when I accept and acknowledge them for what they are (without judgement)... a chance to lean in and go with the flow.

Finding the balance is a daily balancing act! Like dedicating time to be grateful, focusing on the positives and being in the now is an ongoing process. Using essential oils helps me with the process, especially Balance and Elevation from the Mood Management Kit.

I use Balance daily, as an aromatic dressing with Coconut oil and in the diffuser. If you’d like to experience these life-changing oils for yourself please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Discovering how to harness nature is beyond exciting ... the unveiling ... shedding old unwanted skin... releasing negative behaviours and patterns of thought… it’s rejuvenating and a wonderful journey. 

Special complimentary offer:  Balance Touch (10ml roller) for the first 5 people to Schedule a Call with me. 
Offer until 30th July.

Are you a Warrior or a Worrier?

Love Katie 💛

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