Why Essential Oils

Essential oils and aromatherapy have been used for centuries, both for pleasure and medicinal purposes. Our environment and whole being benefits whether it is the mind, body or spirit. Slowly but surely, I’m realising how our well-being is paramount. I’ve become more aware of how mainstream household and self-care products, we typically get from the chemist or supermarket, have harmful ingredients and unnecessary additives. These ‘nasties’ affect our mental health, mood and hormones, which has also led me to address my feelings of hopelessness, insecurities and inability to handle my emotions. Focusing on self-care and self-love became more evident as I learnt more about the positive benefits of each oil – on both a physical and mental level. My appetite to learn more is constant. I now have the clarity, the more I tune in to my overall well-being, the better I am to love and serve others. I want to be the person I’m designed to be. It feels like a wonderful new adventure, a new way of living, enjoying the moment and giving my time, energy and love to those who need it most. On reflection, since using the oils daily and replacing lots of products with natural ones I’ve done a complete U-turn on my mindset, attitude towards life, who I am, what I value and why my well-being and ‘balance’ is so important. I’m still untangling myself from some unhealthy habits and thoughts. Habits like poor food choices, tea, coffee and alcohol. Thoughts like a long-held belief to always put others first. Thinking of myself or to put thyself first was deemed selfish, self-centred or self-indulgent. The process is ongoing and so much less daunting when we feel safe to be candid and open. As a family we experiment together, selecting different oils for their properties and coming up with different ideas on how to integrate them in our life. The children are a great source of inspiration and ideas. Workshops are a great way to have a play with the oils or theme it (pets, food, perfume, children etc) to make relevant to your concerns, passions or interests. In life we each have a few instances or occasions when it was ‘life changing’ and for me discovering doTERRA’s essential oils is right up there. Yes, it is without doubt as significant to me as it was meeting Olly, falling head over heels in love and having our 2 children! In some ways it is hard to fathom the changes that have occurred over the last 15 months. Now is the time to be more conscious and inquisitive about our shopping choices, beliefs and habits. With hand on heart, I am feeling more alive and excited about life, and feel incredibly privileged to share the opportunities with you, for you and your loved ones. Wellness simple and natural.


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