Why KT’s Collection?

From early on I was keen to share the doTERRA opportunity and have fun with the oils. I wanted to have a unique ‘look & feel’ for my new venture. The possibilities gave me a new zest for life… allowing me to be creative and make affordable products using the essential oils with other natural ingredients. Each drop is potent and powerful, often requiring dilution for effective (and safe) use, allowing practical natural products with instant appeal. By applying to my skin and using the oils in our home, especially diffusing, I realised fairly quickly that simple natural oils (from nuts, plants and the like) are very nourishing, very luxurious and very affordable. The oils make every day feel like a spa day! Every moment is precious, and we need to feel special too. I like the simplicity of creating amazing products using natural ingredients, as well as knowing exactly what’s in the product. I found the process of experimenting, finding recipes, making body scrubs, sourcing beautiful containers, creating labels etc. rather exciting and fulfilling, even the challenging parts. The heart symbol was key to my branding. It represents so much and to me LOVE is the answer. My vision is simple: to have Collection that indulges the senses every day to improve one’s mood, or at least bring some light to one’s darkness. Some items are online whilst a greater selection is available locally or at events. The Cool & Calm Mist soothes the nervous system, especially if feeling flustered, overwhelmed or in a state of anxiety, stress or panic. Just one deep breath gives an instant sense of calm. The body scrubs are so EASY and so much fun. It’s like putting all the ingredients together to bake a yummy cake but we make scrubs instead. Salty Lavender, Sweet Rosemary and Tangerine Sugar - they are nourishing and scrumptious – we do taste them as they smell so good! One customer keeps reordering as her 2-year-old is so playful at bath time. Sweet Dreams touch or roll-on is a blend to aid peaceful sleep. We know how important sleep is and you know yourself the difference between a good or restless sleep. Lots of different single oils or a combination will help allow our body to fully rest and restore itself properly. I also envisage helping others create their own collection around their hobby, business or the work they do. The scope is enormous. To be part of the creative process and creating a unique range of products excites me. Not to mention enhancing income and other opportunities.

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